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Social disease

Your social disease
is that you're socially displeased
so what you're gonna do about it?

Don't hang around
untill the government found
your new way of life

You really have to think
what to do with the stink
that society has brought you

Everyday is just another revolution
each night is a new black hole
Make friends my friends, that you can rely on
and watch the enemy from the corner of you eye

And break away, before it's too late
to break away, when it's too late
'cos when the shit hits the fan
you're gonna have to fight

Ab Stammeshaus, 1980

Oorspronkelijk geschreven als een lied. Als er iemdan een song van wil maken: ga je gang! Laat me het resultaat a.u.b. horen.

Originally written as a song. If someone wants to make it into a song: have a go! Please let me hear the result.