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Boodschappen doen, tekening Lilian (± 5 jaar)

Mister Poetry

I wrote a poem once
for a strager who became my friend
the poem didn't last long
the friendship stayed
we twisted our minds
on four letter words
and sometimes on little dots
   fill out your formula!
   fill up all o's!
and read between the lines

I am friends with mister Poetry
he sings the scriptwriter song
I tune in with his scars
I make mistakes
he corrects me, kindly
but I flee from him when he's drunk

"Look back in anger",
the drunkard sais.
"Twist your mind about the next line",
mister Poetry sais.
I give you my mind
I say, dare say,
   don't eat my brains,
   that's what the animals do!
   eat me alive!
that's what the words do
that's what the songs do
that's what the lines do
that's what the nelodies do
that's what's for you

Appi Stammeshaus, 1982