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Fluid of my Sleep

the telephone was drowning
in the fluid of my sleep
baby I don't need you
you're not the one I seek

I hear your shoes a-klicking
your knocking on my door
baby I won't open up
can't see you anymore

you're too cold for my fire
too hard for my thumbs
it's too easy to love you
you just don't make me jump

I hear you shout and scream
right by my window frame
your high voice is a-scrieking
the dead end of our game

I'm too honest for a-lying
too slippry on the tongue
I'm convinced of my mistake
our love is over and done

you're the worst kinda lover
I have ever had in mind
forget my whole existance
please leave me be, be kind

Appi Stammeshaus, 1981

De oorspronkelijke titel was 'BLUES', maar de tekst werd ook wel aangeduid als 'The Telepfone Was Drowning'.

In 2013 als 'Fluid of my Sleep' uitgebracht op het album 'Drummer Girl' door Rudy & His Fascinators [link]